If there is Awareness and Will, Pollution can be Controlled

Posted on Oktubre 31, 2010


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We, the people of the world, should help reduce it. What good is prosperity when pollution could damage people, animals, water and surroundings?

The Oil spills, solid wastes and dangerous chemicals from homes, factories or farms, emptied into rivers, lakes and bays damage our health and surroundings. They devastate aquatic life. The air we breathe, poisoned by automobile and factory emissions, causes asthma and allergies. Rotting wastes in our surroundings are breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes, which are carriers of malaria, dengue fever and other killer diseases.

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Since pollution is always connected with prosperity, we cannot stop it entirely. But we can reduce it. An environmental sanitary program, involving government agencies and nongovernmental organizations, should chalk out the sanitary measures that need to be taken.

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